The Marine Reconnaissance Foundations rehabilitation through sport program is committed to serving Veterans by providing active and continual assistance for former and current military members and their family's through rehabilitation through sport.


Incorporated in 2013, the Foundation works towards the welfare and benefit of the serving members, retired members and family members who have suffered from service-related injuries and post-traumatic stress. The Marine Reconnaissance Foundation team is comprised of former and current members of the United States Armed Services.


We envisage a veteran-citizen partnership that is geared towards providing unconditional assistance and continual support for California Veterans. We aim to provide educative and strategic support to all California Veterans for the opportunity to compete at the highest level of fishing. Our commitment to the Veterans goes a long way and we pride ourselves in our ability to serve our finest, in any and every way that we can.


Despite the significant contributions made by the Veterans of California towards National Security, their services remain unrecognized by most. Many organizations, funds, and corporations are providing assistance to other military personnel. We, however, honor the services of the brave men and women of California, as well as their immediate family members. Serving the best of our Nation to the best of our abilities has been our guiding philosophy and we strictly adhere to it.